Game of the Week #9

For this starting week, I’ve decided to write two posts on the topic “Game of the Week”. One covering week #9 (that’s two weeks ago, for those who don’t keep a calendar), and one for last week, número 10. The reason is quite simple, I just happen to have kept track of the games of both weeks, and might just as well include them in this whole shebang.

Not so surprisingly, I will kick off with week nine. A week that saw some very exciting games, but also a couple of let-downs. Let me address the latter before moving on.

I am naturally talking about the farce that was the Shuggh vs Damiah match in the Edge League. It’s not the first time that we’ve seen this “rage quitting” phenomenon, and unfortunately it will certainly not be the last. Hell, it’s not even close to being one of the worst examples (anybody remember when Provi left during the Invitational 2004 final, when Syanid was having his way with him?)! It’s nothing short of being the most disrespectful thing you can do to a fellow competitor. Let’s just hope that Damiah gets his shit together sooner rather than later, because I know as well as anyone, that Damiah is a much bigger man than that.

Anywho, Shuggh deserved the win after having made a tremendous effort, and there is not very much pointing to him not being able to make it the whole way to the finish line. We all know him as an accomplished TDM player, but from what I can gather, it seems like this tournament actually might be Shuggh’s debut as a competitive dueler, which would be truly astonishing. I was surprised when he was able to get past Pogo, and even more so after his success against Covell – but the show he put on with Damiah, that was something else! I especially wish the first map would have been completed between the two, because that was really coming along as a rival for this Game of the Week.

Shuggh is now facing maq in the winners bracket semifinal. A match that could honestly swing either way.

Vicious Turk Cold had a busy week. Shortly after having put an end to Pogo’s stretch in Edge #2, he himself was shown out by UMUSTDIE – both games in the losers bracket.

However, the runner-up for this Game of the Week is the first map between Covell and veteran Warrior, from their match in the Edge League. A tight and exciting struggle that ended 2-0 in favor of I-won’t-tell-you-who. Download here. [DS link] Rating: 7,3

The winner goes up against DM next, to decide who will advance further in the losers bracket, and eventually battle it out with UMUSTDIE in the LB pre-semifinal.

I apologize for the missing textures!

Now finally; the Game of the Week!

It’s really clear-cut and not a hard decision to make whatsoever. This game stands out as an excellent demonstration of the capabilities within Q2.

There’s quite a bit of talk going on about one of the two players. Some accuse him of cheating, and others are referring to him as the new king of the hill. Either way he’s at least the new kid on the block, not having much to show for himself as far as an official record goes. He appeared in the PLD #3 playoffs last year, where his journey was cut short by nopek and ivers respectively. If he succeeds in bringing this game home, I reckon there’s no stopping him! I’m of course speaking of David.

The opponent is Swede wst. wst is not exactly a spring chicken, no, he’s been around for years and years, and has grown into being not only one of the best Swedish quakers of today, but a frightening adversary across all of Europe. His primary merit in the field is having reached the 1/8, the first stage of the playoffs in EDL #5. In a staggering five-mapper, he finally fell short on ztn2dm2 versus fellow Scandinavian Turricane.

Both of the players have moved through the playoffs without much difficulty so far, despite powerful resistance. David had to go through the two Lithuanians Gipsy and DM, while wst had to overcome Cold and KoD. No problem – neither David nor wst lost a single map in either game.

This is the quarterfinal in ongoing EDL #9. I have picked the third map of the match, q2duel5, and its winner also won the entire game. And may I add, all maps of the game in question, are highly recommended to watch! Download here. [DS link]

Judge Dredge says: 7,7 points

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