Blast from the Past #2

Leaving you last week with a demo from one of the two Simple semifinals, I hope that you are finished relishing in its pleasures by now. Knowing what I have to unveil today, we need to get this thing on the road, and let me tell you, we do not have a moment to waste! Whatever Tom waits for, Tom shall wait no more!

Considering the urgency to get this mentioned package delivered – a fine demo it is! – it is unfortunate that yet there exists a need for me to introduce to you, this one of the true Finnish giants. Many of the people active within the scene today, seem to lack a sense of history, but conveniently enough, I find it to be my calling to bring these poor souls to enlightenment. Appropriately address me as Reverend Dredge from here on.

Simple was one of his last couple of tournaments, before throwing in the towel for good roughly half a year later. A great loss to the Q2 scene, as his wits and talent was of a unique sort. Cedion (a.k.a. Mincer) was the runner-up in SDL #3 in late 2000, and finally the champion on the Finnish side of The Invitational, Spring 2002, after having defeated Damiah in an extraordinarily close and ferocious final. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t able to finish his career with a victory, as Purri smothered those hopes in the grand final of the same Invitational tournament.

Despite a great qualifying run to the Simple playoffs, with not a single map lost in the matches versus Provi, Jent and chk (although an intimidating 0-2 loss against thaigo), as well as annihilating Syanid in the quarterfinal, Cedion wasn’t able to maintain this level of gameplay, and had Damiah putting an end to his quest for success.

On the other side of the table, last week we saw thaigo vanquish Provi in the semifinal. In order to reach this far, Provi had to overcome the immense obstacle of forcing Purri down on his knees no less than two times; in the last round of the group stage, and the following quarterfinal. After not having given away a single map in either of the two feuds, Provi is now staring straight into the fiery pits of hell – the barrels of Cedion’s chaingun.

This week’s Blast from the Past is the second map in the consolation game between Cedion and Provi, played just after midnight on December 23rd, 2001. The winner of this map went on to win the entire match, and received an imaginary bronze medal for his achievement. Don’t be fooled though – this demo is gold!

Download here. [DS link]

Church of Dredge preaches: 7,9 points

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6 Responses to Blast from the Past #2

  1. menewb says:

    Thank you thank you for this wonderful article. I have been playing Q2 since 2000. Unfortunately, I was not really aware of the Q2 scene until 2003, when many great players have already retired. I always try to have an understanding of Q2 evolution with its players…

    Please find the time to continue.

    Thank you.

    • Welkin says:

      Thank you very much for that! I will try and continue to the best of my ability. However, I just started a new job, and I don’t seem to find the same amount of free time anymore. Especially since I have to spend alot of that time tracking down demos…

  2. menewb says:

    Ohh by the way, you wrote that you were Jent’s protege. I know him but never have any of his demos. Could you please upload one? :)

    And Nikkodemus, around 2002 when I started going on Fi server, I never saw him. If I am not mistaken, he was the leader of 2.0 right?

    • Welkin says:

      Hehe, in a way I was, yes. I started playing with the clan Neverdies (NVRD) in 2001, while still being very new to the game. Jent was a veteran and a top TDM player in that clan, so I guess you could say he took me under his wings. Unfortunately I don’t think I have too many of Jent’s demos, and I’m not able to hunt them down right now either. Keep your fingers crossed, and perhaps that demo archive project will actually happen one day.

      Nikodemus, I don’t think he was the leader of 2.0, but I’m not entirely sure. I believe Deuce managed that clan’s business, but Nikodemus might have been one of the founding members.

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