Game of the Week #11

Week #11 has been a week with a few very interesting results. Not necessarily any truly surprising outcomes, but just interesting.

Most of this week’s games went down in the Edge league, where another four players have now been eliminated. First off the bat was DM, who has been striking his numerous messagemode1 variation keys, more than his attack button. (Please unbind, DM – it’s a horrible show.)

Since having recently been voted into the European team in the upcoming EAP duel tournament, along with IsBjörn and Cold, DM’s star seems to be fading. He put up an amazing effort in his last EDL match a few weeks ago, where David only after having pulled all his strength together was able to stop him in the 1/8 – I  highly recommend the ptrip demo from this game.

The players responsible for kicking DM out of Edge #2, was Aone and Warrior – neither of which are showing any signs of weakness so far whatsoever. The winners bracket quarterfinal was Aone’s only match this week, while the losers bracket quarterfinal versus DM, was merely the first of three games for Warrior.

Warrior’s second endeavour was with recent RDL #6 participant, who last month finished in 4th place in said competition – namely UMUSTDIE. UMD has been making a name for himself lately, putting up great fights with some of the best players around. Known for biding his time and not attacking carelessly, at the same time as he performs this playing style very well, many of his games end up slow-paced and not producing the most entertaining demos you could think of.

That said, I am even more glad to be able to present to you this week’s runner-up for the Game of the Week – the second map of warrior and UMD’s conflict in the Edge #2 losers bracket semifinal. You will witness two top players not intending to make any unnecessary mistakes, and playing like their lives depended on it! While one makes it almost impossible for the other one to get close, the other one has to struggle most of the match just gathering health and armor. Eventually the game opens up, and you’ll have all reason to bust out the popcorn!

Download here. [DS link]

Rating: 7,7

In the winners bracket of the same tournament, the semifinal between maq and Shuggh finally broke out. Without doubt one of the most anticipated games so far in these playoffs, much of the fact that both players have appeared to be in the shape of their lives. Shuggh has chucked heavyweights Covell and Damiah down into the losers bracket, and maq Swedes Pogo and zorre. Under no circumstances could anyone ever take lightly on any of these achievements, and these victories will be feathers in their caps throughout their careers.

maq eventually defeated Shuggh, and threw his remains to the dog. The dog being fellow Pole Warrior, who’s really started to build up an affection to the taste of blood, being on a very impressive winning streak in the losers bracket.

Shuggh was finally eliminated by Warrior in the 2nd LB semifinal, which now makes Warrior ready for the LB pre-final. He will face the victor of Damiah versus Purri – contestants not so unfamiliar with each other.

The winners bracket final will be a showdown between maq and Estonian Aone. This is another clash that could really end either way, since nothing has proven to be predictable in this tournament! This WB final is also a manifestation of the fact that the veins of the Q2 scene is  at last starting to see some new blood flowing. Such seemingly everlasting untouchables as Purri and Damiah, is finally forced to bite the dust every now and then, and this is a positive development for a game that has been the target of inbreeding for some time.

The playoffs in PLD #4 is continuing along, where I am afraid the level of excitement wasn’t very noteworthy. Ivers defeated rul in the winners bracket semifinal, three to nothing, and michaq and irvin eliminated obsesja and kul respectively; both 3-0 as well.

Ivers will be facing the winner between norman and Sheffik, in the WB final, and irvin is up against rul next, and michaq the loser of the norman-Sheffik match, both in LB semifinals.

The Game of the Week #11 was fought out in the EDL. It was this week’s only fight in the league, but it sure made up for it! The winner of the map went on to the win the entire game, and is up against Aone in the semifinal next.

This is the first map – a Powertrip – in the EDL #9 quarterfinal between Purri and Covell. Enjoy!

Purri POV [DS link] / Covell POV [DS link]

Judge Dredge lays down the law: 8,5 points

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3 Responses to Game of the Week #11

  1. newash says:

    Eager to see Game of the Week #12 !

    • Welkin says:

      Week #12 only had one game actually, Purri vs Aone in the Edge league, so I’ll be making one post for both week 12 and 13… As soon as I am able to. Things have clogged up IRL lately.

      Edit, 16/4: Looks like I wasn’t able to stick to my word and make that post… I will try and write an update on things one of these days, explaining where I stand and where this blog is going.

  2. menewb says:

    What’s up mate? Hope that you will continue to write :)

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