Current Status

As you might have noticed, there hasn’t been much activity here for quite a while, and I regret having to announce that it’s not likely to change anytime soon either. An explanation is long overdue, and I apologize for not getting around to make one until now.

[…] I will not give any guarantees. I might become too preoccupied to be able to give the blog the time that it requires, or simply lose interest. Either way, however long it lasts, I hope you will find this to be as much a fun addition to the scene, as I will.

That’s somewhat of a disclaimer that I left in the About section when I launched The Dredge. At the time I had a lot of spare time, but once I started my new job, I basically lost all of it.

I believe that very few people realize how much time this blog actually demands in its current form. Just to give you an idea, I’ll do some math for you. If there are five games played one week, with an average of three maps per match – now, keep in mind that every map is 15 minutes long – that’ll leave you with almost four hours worth of demos to go through… And during season there often is more than five games a week.

On top of that, add collecting information and demos – anybody who has been in the position where they’ve had to ask players for demos, know how difficult this can be, mainly because a large number of quakers are unnecessarily uncooperative, tight-assed, and pig-headed – as well as writing the actual articles, and you end up with a lot more than four hours.

I think it’s very sad to pull the plug all ready, on such a thing like a blog devoted entirely to Quake2, and believe me, I tried to find an appropriate replacement for me, but I just wasn’t able to. We’ll see what the future holds, if I figure something out or not, but don’t hold your breath.

In spite of all this, I will carry on launching Q2 projects. In the next few months there will be at least a couple of new competitions, and I have also stepped in to help complete the ongoing (and seemingly never-ending) EAP duel tournament.

Later this year I have plans for far greater things, and I only hope that they will take off and make something of themselves. These plans involve gathering data and demos from all past competitions, however small they may be.

If you would like to be of service to what’s left of the scene, I would gratefully accept demos from any and all official games, past and present, and preferably in some kind of order. I also welcome player’s resumes (meaning lists of their achievements) and any information about less well-known tournaments, cups, ladders, or leagues. Email: dredge (a)

Until further notice. 

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4 Responses to Current Status

  1. newash says:

    No need to explain. I believe You will catch new wave on upcoming season. I’m quite sure about it. GL in Your projects. AND take it easy!

    Thank You for your offer about EAP.

  2. syanid says:

    the blog was good, too bad you don’t have much time for it. I enjoy reading more about old tournaments and old players, back in the time when 56k modems were ruling the earth. If you have some nice stories from that era, please share them :)

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