My name is Peter Lindström, and I’ve gone under the nickname of Welkin for some time now. To some of you I’m a familiar face, but to others not. I used to play a lot of Q2 back in the day, and somewhat made a name for myself – may it have been as an infamous whiner, a rude douchebag, Jent’s protégé, or actually quite a decent duel player. I quit the gaming scene in 2004, and haven’t looked back until just recently. After almost seven years of retirement, the Q2 bug managed to get a firm grip of me again. However, due to the fact that I move around and travel quite a bit, and don’t have access to a reliable internet connection, the only way for me to quench my thirst for this game, is through demos.

The idea for this blog, The Dredge, is to express my opinion on some of my favorite clashes, as well as giving a little history lesson from time to time. It will be divided into two separate branches; “Game of the Week” and “Blast from the Past”. The former will cover the contemporary games (specifically the ones from the previous week), and the latter the fights belonging in history. For reasons too many to mention, I will almost exclusively write about official matches.

The ultimate and main purpose for the project, is to perhaps, possibly, and hopefully, be able to pull a few newcomers and retired players back into the game. That is the reason why the Game of the Week posts are written in a manner so that people who don’t normally keep track of what’s going on (through q2scene.net e.g.), can read this blog with a certain amount of excitement and anticipation.

Each week I am to present one demo in each category, but I will not give any guarantees. I might become too preoccupied to be able to give the blog the time that it requires, or simply lose interest. Either way, however long it lasts, I hope you will find this to be as much a fun addition to the scene, as I will.

And please, continue pressuring all players to always upload their official demos to Demosquad, directly after the matches have been played. Demos is a vital part of what’s left of the Q2 scene, and so is the quick access to them!

If necessary, you can reach me at dredge (a) welkin.se. I also gratefully accept relevant demos sent to this email address. (Relevant being from an official game AND played in the current week, or simply requested in the Wanted section.)


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